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instagram posts

Building Your Business Using Instagram

Instagram posts shouldn’t leave you squirming. While most businesses have moved into the world of social media for marketing and brand awareness, this has largely been through the use of platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. One of the most under-utilized social media platforms for any small business is Instagram. This is an ideal…

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The Robert Plank Podcast Show

Join me in this fun interview with Robert Plank on his show The Robert Plank Show LISTEN HERE   Build your E-List using Blogs, Videos, and Podcasts with Content Marketing Expert with Lyndsay Phillips    

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small business marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies For Local Service Businesses

Small business marketing strategies use the same playbook. So I focus a ton on online entrepreneurs – where we are based in the virtual and online world. But did you know I also work with a ton of bricks and mortar, retail and local based businesses? I mean they need to market their businesses locally…

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top 4 biz tips

Top 4 Business Success Tips Thanks To Hockey

Top 4 biz tips you can use! I was watching my son’s hockey game on the weekend and realized a lot can be learned from this sport. Not only for my son – being in a team atmosphere, practicing new skills and having fun – but for all of us entrepreneurs! Here’s how I see…

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gauge your success

Gauge Your Success

Hi everyone. Welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I am your host and captain, Lyndsay Phillips, and today I want to talk to you about success and how you deem success. What do you consider success? Is it revenue, is it your time and your freedom? I know for me, it…

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