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direct message marketing

Tips For Using Facebook Direct Messaging For Marketing

Direct Message Marketing in Facebook can be of great use. As various social media platforms evolve and respond to what users need and want on the site, making interaction easier seems to be at the heart of the new features. One of the new features that Facebook has offered is a way for businesses to…

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small business marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies For Local Service Businesses

Small business marketing strategies use the same playbook. So I focus a ton on online entrepreneurs – where we are based in the virtual and online world. But did you know I also work with a ton of bricks and mortar, retail and local based businesses? I mean they need to market their businesses locally…

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Different Marketing Strategies

Different Marketing Strategies in 5 Minutes or Less!

Different Marketing Strategies Made Easy To Help You Decide What’s Right For Your Business There are so many terms thrown out there when talking marketing strategies and methods. It can get quite mind boggling! Here is a list of some of the main terms and methods that are used today. Social Media Marketing is marketing your business…

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