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The Why, What, & How’s of a Pre-Launch

So we’ve talked about info products and also launches [launches aren’t just for info products mind you]. And you may have seen me mention a Pre Launch. You may be thinking – hey – if I’m launching my product/book/service/website – why are we talking about a Pre Launch? The WHY Think of the Pre Launch as paving the way…

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Top 10 Ways to Launch Your Info Product

You have an idea for an info product, or perhaps you’ve already got one in production. What a great way to have a lower tiered product to bring people into your sales funnel and engage in your content! It’s also a fabulous way to show that you are an expert in your field! So now that…

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Increase Your Money Making Time With Info Products

Tips on starting and creating info products to grow your business: Even if you have never heard the term info product, or perhaps information product, you have definitely seen and used one. In the most basic sense, an info product is a way for a professional or expert in an area to make money from…

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