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3 Easy SEO Tips for driving more traffic to your site

Easy SEO for the savvy blogger! If you’ve been in the web game for a while now, you’ve probably heard a lot about search engine optimization. SEO is the main way you drive organic traffic to your website, right? In fact, the #1 result on a search page tends to get 33% percent of the traffic.…

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Web Strategies with Lindsey Anderson

Welcome back Fellow Entrepreneurs! Today we have an episode that you cannot afford to miss! We had with us: Lindsey Anderson, CEO and Founder of WebImpakt.com, trafficandleads.com, and oneclicklindsey.com. Lindsey is an expert of everything from web design, SEO, landing pages, and more. Lindsey gives our listeners plenty of tips and tricks on optimizing your websites or businesses to gain more traffic and leads. She goes through and translates the hard to understand world of Search Engine Optimization for our listeners and shares with us the things every entrepreneur must do in order to acquire and convert successful leads. Tune in right now to find out how to bring more traffic to your business and start improving today!

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