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facebook engagement

Analyzing Your Facebook Engagement

Facebook Engagement through Facebook Insights can really grow your business! Today I want to talk to you about Facebook Insights, and that’s really finding out how many people are engaging in your content, how many people are liking it. Is it working? Is the content that you’re putting out there actually resonating with people? Are…

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marketing analytics

Marketing Analytics You Need To Know

Marketing Analytics to make the most effective business decisions. As a business owner, we spend a ton of time and resources in marketing our businesses online. Whether it’s through social media, content creation, lead magnets, webinars or paid ads – bottom line is – we want them to work. The only way to KNOW they…

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facebook live

Your Quick Facebook Live Tutorial

Facebook Live is a fun, powerful way to connect with your followers while also helping you build your audience at the same time. Here’s a short guide that will show you how to take advantage of Facebook Live and begin growing your following right now.   What you need to get started First off, streaming…

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social media engagement

Social Media Engagement – A How To Guide

What do I do with my Social Media Platforms besides POST? It’s obvious that one of the first things you do when you get a Social Media Platform is a) set up your profile and b) create and update your status with posts. BUT there is a whole other set of steps that you need…

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