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prospects next steps

Being Clear About Your Prospects ‘Next Step’

Prospects next step includes consistency. We seem to always want to know what is next? What’s happening tomorrow? What am I expected to do after a certain project? What is the natural next step for me to take after I buy X, Y, Z? Our prospects and our leads in our e-mails also need to…

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nurture leads

How And Why To Nurture Your Leads

Nurture leads and reap the residual benefits Hey everyone. It’s Lyndsay with Smooth Sailing Business Growth and it’s a beautiful sunny summer day so I’m casual on a Monday and I’m actually having a Monday that’s not too crazy. Knock on wood. I’ve had a couple things come up lately with some prospects and a…

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8 Ways To Attract More Clients Into Your Coaching Business

Attract more clients and grow  your business. We all want more clients to grow our business, whether it’s coaching, dentistry, accounting or otherwise. I work with a lot of coaches (business, lifestyle, tax, niche…) and I’ve seen first hand what works (and implemented it!). Blogs – you MUST have a blog on your website to…

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best email service

Help Choosing The Best Email Service For Your Business

  Hi everyone. Welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I’m your host and Captain Lyndsay Phillips, steering you through the choppy waters of fast-paced business growth. Today I want to cover email marketing. I do get a lot of questions of what the best email marketing service or software is. Now…

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best email marketing tool

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Tool For Your Business

Are your email marketing tools working? Online marketing, and being able to get a target audience engaged and interested in your business (products or service) starts with making meaningful connections. While this can be achieved on social media or through blogging, there is a very big plus in using e-newsletters, emails and broadcasts to reach…

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