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Creating Your Own Facebook Group

How to get started creating your own Facebook Group I recently did an article about joining Facebook groups – what would motivate you to join, why they are beneficial and tips on how to use them. Let’s talk about why you’d want to start one of your very own. As mentioned – there are 3…

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Work Life Balance

Everything Speaks Podcast- Work/Life Balance

Exploring Work/Life Balance Lyndsay Phillips accepted an opportunity to be guest starred on Everything Speaks with Lee Caraher CLICK HERE TO LISTEN   Key Takeaways: Be aware of the areas you are lacking and actively take courses to improve them. Find what you like to do so you don’t spend time dragging your heels on a…

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NY Math Tutor – Guest Starred Lyndsay Phillips

Outsourcing Your Tasks Lyndsay Phillips accepted an opportunity to be guest starred on NY Math Tutor with Scott Grierson CLICK HERE TO LISTEN   Lyndsay is a self-professed organizational freak, client-appointed task master plus project ninja and warrior content marketer for life & business coaches, accountants and other online entrepreneurs across the globe. As the CEO &…

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Lose the Cape Podcast

Take Away: Be someone who finishes instead of someone who multitasks.   Lyndsay Phillips had an opportunity to be guest starred on Lose the Cape with Alexa Bigwarfe. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN In this episode, we talked about: Different types of Virtual Assistants Feeling overwhelmed as an entrepreneur and analysis paralysis. Having so many business ideas. Prioritizing and delegating…

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The Robert Plank Podcast Show

Join me in this fun interview with Robert Plank on his show The Robert Plank Show LISTEN HERE   Build your E-List using Blogs, Videos, and Podcasts with Content Marketing Expert with Lyndsay Phillips    

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Action Zone Now CFO Interview – Content Marketing

Dear Entrepreneur – “You don’t have to struggle, you don’t have to feel alone” – Lyndsay Phillips Join me on this eye-opening podcast with Action Now CEO  with Greg Levine LISTEN HERE Here I’m interviewed by the wonderful Greg Levine. He helps brings out the story of how I began and what I can suggest to…

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countdown timer tool

Countdown Timer Tool To Create Urgency In Your Marketing

Countdown timer tools can lead to more sales, and why not if it’s free. When your customers see there’s a time-limit, they are more apt to buy.

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choosing website name

Do’s And Don’ts When Choosing A Website Name

Choosing A Website Name And Getting It Right The First Time I’ve seen it before – you have a great idea, a great business name, a new service, a new product and the FIRST think you think about is – ooh – what url should I have? What will the domain be? My first advice…

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Power of NO

The Power of NO with Andrea Waltz

In this week’s episode of the Sailing to Success Podcast Show, Lyndsay Phillips interviews Andrea Waltz. Andrea is the co author of Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There, an Amazon best seller. Together with her partner Richard Fenton, she is the the co owner of Courage Crafters Inc.

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Freelance Writing with Laura Pennington

In this week’s episode of the Sailing to Success Podcast Show, Lyndsay Phillips interviews chef Laura Pennington. Laura is a former seventh grade teacher that left her career to pursue her dream of becoming a online freelance writer. She now helps other people launch their online careers.

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