countdown timer tool

Countdown Timer Tool To Create Urgency In Your Marketing

Countdown timer tools can lead to more sales, and why not if it’s free. When your customers see there’s a time-limit, they are more apt to buy.

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small business marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies For Local Service Businesses

Small business marketing strategies use the same playbook. So I focus a ton on online entrepreneurs – where we are based in the virtual and online world. But did you know I also work with a ton of bricks and mortar, retail and local based businesses? I mean they need to market their businesses locally…

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eList Building Tool called SNIPLY

Lyndsay shares SNIP.LY to boost your e-list and opt in conversions. It’ll allow you to have a pop-up call to action button on ANY weblink you share.

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choosing website name

Do’s And Don’ts When Choosing A Website Name

Choosing A Website Name And Getting It Right The First Time I’ve seen it before – you have a great idea, a great business name, a new service, a new product and the FIRST think you think about is – ooh – what url should I have? What will the domain be? My first advice…

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Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Entrepreneurial Spirit! – Lyndsay Phillips Interview

On this podcast episode with Crush the Street and show host Kenneth Ameduri I talk about the importance of passion and taking action, with insights on the importance of utilizing the technology around us! Click to Listen  TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW: [01:15] How Lyndsay became an Entrepreneur [04:15] Passion of the Entrepreneur [05:05] Content and…

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When You Need to Start Outsourcing

I’m happy & excited to announce that I was featured on Venture Shorts with show host Molly Marie Keyser CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  Lyndsay Phillips is a serial entrepreneur; self-professed organizational freak, client-appointed task master plus project ninja and other online entrepreneurs across the globe. As the CEO & Founder of Smooth Sailing Business Growth, she…

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business apps

Dana Croft on CardTapp

National Account Director at CardTapp. Mother of two with 18 years of experience in the sales industry. Has built over 2500 apps for a large range of industries.

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High Performance

Your Life & Business-Fast Track to High Performance

I was honored to be guest starred on Your Life & Business – Fast Track to High Performance with show host Emily LeTran CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  This is a fun episode on Your Life & Business to share as I explain my journey and the amazing benefits of building a business in order to…

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create screencasts

An Easy Tool To Create Screencasts

Create screencasts of your very own to train others.   Hey there, I’m Lindsay Phillips with Smooth Sailing Business Growth. I love sharing new tools that I find and that makes my life easier, makes my business easier, makes it easier for me to do my content marketing, communicate with my clients, communicate with my…

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landing page conversions

Do’s and Don’t To Maximize Landing Page Conversions

Landing page conversions – are you ready for this? Landing pages come in different forms and styles, and choosing the best option is a factor of understanding what you are trying to accomplish on the page and how you wish to direct traffic to the site. Thinking about the ONE action you want someone to…

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