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facebook page banner video

How To Put Video On Your Facebook Banner

    Video on your Facebook Banner instills interest in people seeing you in action! Show off how dynamic you are as a speaker or how awesome your product is by posting a video to your Facebook page banner – it’s a perfect place to showcase yourself! This video shows you how to get it done.…

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custom thumbnails

Creating Custom Thumbnails in TubeBuddy

Custom Thumbnails for videos are attention getters. Another wonderful feature of TubeBuddy is the ability for you to easily create custom thumbnails. Watch this video to understand how it’s done, and why you should be using custom thumbnails.   Don’t forget to check out TubeBuddy at the end of the video!

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Creating Strong Hashtags

Learn how to create strong hashtags to boost your business by using Hashtagify. Hashtagify has simplified business processes by offering free services to find hashtags relative to your business or industry. Whether you use them exclusively for Twitter or Instagram, this is a way of finding everything related to how you want to market yourself…

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tubebuddy competitor analysis

TubeBuddy Competitor Analysis

Analyze the competition using TubeBuddy on YouTube to find out what they are doing and whether or not they are finding success with what they do. Don’t forget you can get more videos HERE OR SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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Planning Video Marketing with TubeBuddy


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creating infographics

How to Create Infographics

There is a thought process that goes into creating infographics. It’s not just slapping something together, but it’s about taking the essence of your original material and creating a concise flow of information that is easily readable. See this “how to” video to get an idea of what you can do to reuse, repurpose and/or…

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TubeBuddy Checklist Feature

TubeBuddy Checklist Feature

  TubeBuddy checklist feature is the best place to start using TubeBuddy. It ensures you create the most compelling title, tags, and descriptions to attain the analytics you need to improve your click-ability. Learn from this video and subsequent videos right here. Don’t forget you can get more videos HERE OR SUBSCRIBE TO MY…

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prospects next steps

Being Clear About Your Prospects ‘Next Step’

Prospects next step includes consistency. We seem to always want to know what is next? What’s happening tomorrow? What am I expected to do after a certain project? What is the natural next step for me to take after I buy X, Y, Z? Our prospects and our leads in our e-mails also need to…

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nurture leads

How And Why To Nurture Your Leads

Nurture leads and reap the residual benefits Hey everyone. It’s Lyndsay with Smooth Sailing Business Growth and it’s a beautiful sunny summer day so I’m casual on a Monday and I’m actually having a Monday that’s not too crazy. Knock on wood. I’ve had a couple things come up lately with some prospects and a…

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rev transcriptions

REV – An Affordable Transcription Site

REV transcriptions work best for videos. Hey everyone, it’s Lyndsay with Smooth Sailing Business Growth. I have to do a screencast today for one of my team members, so I thought I would show you guys how to do this as well because I figured if it’s useful for one it’ll be useful for you. I’m sharing…

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