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best seo

Best SEO Practices For Business Owners

Best SEO brought to you by Predictive ROI, and writer Alex Krupski. For this week’s blog post, we will examine SEO best practices for business owners and how to make time for SEO efforts that will drive your business forward. As a business owner, it can be difficult to make time for the little things.…

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eliminate entrepreneurial expenses

Easiest Way To Eliminate Entrepreneurial Expenses

Eliminate entrepreneurial expenses as easily as possible. Another strategy for eliminating expenses is planning ahead to decrease the amount of taxes you give up to Uncle Sam! Knowledge is key here. Lucky for me I had a business before and was instructed on what paperwork and information to save and what I can write off…

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starting a sales funnel

Step ONE when starting a sales funnel

Starting a sales funnel begins with a plan. Before you start creating any sales funnel strategies you first need to have your product ladder set up. You need a foundation, the bones and structure to work off of first. What do I mean by that? Well you need a logical path of products or services…

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small business marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies For Local Service Businesses

Small business marketing strategies use the same playbook. So I focus a ton on online entrepreneurs – where we are based in the virtual and online world. But did you know I also work with a ton of bricks and mortar, retail and local based businesses? I mean they need to market their businesses locally…

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choosing website name

Do’s And Don’ts When Choosing A Website Name

Choosing A Website Name And Getting It Right The First Time I’ve seen it before – you have a great idea, a great business name, a new service, a new product and the FIRST think you think about is – ooh – what url should I have? What will the domain be? My first advice…

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landing page conversions

Do’s and Don’t To Maximize Landing Page Conversions

Landing page conversions – are you ready for this? Landing pages come in different forms and styles, and choosing the best option is a factor of understanding what you are trying to accomplish on the page and how you wish to direct traffic to the site. Thinking about the ONE action you want someone to…

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marketing analytics

Marketing Analytics You Need To Know

Marketing Analytics to make the most effective business decisions. As a business owner, we spend a ton of time and resources in marketing our businesses online. Whether it’s through social media, content creation, lead magnets, webinars or paid ads – bottom line is – we want them to work. The only way to KNOW they…

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cut down distractions

3 Biggest Strategies to Cut Down Distractions and Be More Productive

Cut down distractions that are holding you back! Someone asked me how many access points I have. What they meant by that was how many ways can someone get a hold of me. That made me really think about how I spend my day, where I go to get things done, communicate and how many…

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facebook live

Your Quick Facebook Live Tutorial

Facebook Live is a fun, powerful way to connect with your followers while also helping you build your audience at the same time. Here’s a short guide that will show you how to take advantage of Facebook Live and begin growing your following right now.   What you need to get started First off, streaming…

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online courses

Take Your Online Courses To A Whole New Level

Online Courses should be topic specific and affordable. If you have a special talent, skill or gift, creating an online course or tutorial can be a great way to advertise your business or to generate passive income. Many of these online courses are very popular due to their low price, specific information and the ability…

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