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Starting Your Own Podcast Show – On Blog Talk Radio

Join me here on the amazing podcast show Blog Talk Radio  where I’m interviewed live with show host Denise Griffitts. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  In this episode of Your Partner In Success Radio we will discuss the pros and cons of starting your own podcast. How having a business podcast can help you grow your business…

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video opt-ins

Convert Player Turns Videos Into Opt-Ins

Video opt-ins are easier with Convert Player. Hey everyone, it’s Lyndsay with Smooth Sailing Business Growth. As you know, I love sharing new tools and tips to be more productive, and I have an amazing tool that I want to share with you. It’s called Convert Player. I actually interviewed the owner, Simon, on my Sailing…

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best seo

Best SEO Practices For Business Owners

Best SEO brought to you by Predictive ROI, and writer Alex Krupski. For this week’s blog post, we will examine SEO best practices for business owners and how to make time for SEO efforts that will drive your business forward. As a business owner, it can be difficult to make time for the little things.…

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content marketing

Powerful Content Marketing Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to be on EntHead Podcast For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs – I couldn’t say NO. Dr. Matthew Gonzalez has some amazing content marketing questions and I’d love to share my expert insight. To listen….CLICK HERE     Lyndsay Phillips, CEO and Captain of Smooth Sailing Business Growth discusses Content Marketing further…

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Emilie Shoop

Full Throttle Leadership and Team Culture

Summary: Emilie is a full throttle leadership coach and team culture creator and founder of Shoop Training and Consulting. She recently joined Dale Carnegie as a business development consultant and trainer and is a proud member of Forbes Coaches Council as well as a regular contributor to Main Questions Asked: How is team culture…

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easy forms wufoo

Using Wufoo For Easy Forms

Easy forms using Wufoo to be more productive Hey, everyone. It’s Lyndsay Phillips with Smooth Sailing Business Growth and today I want to share another one of my favorite tools. It blows my mind how many tools that we have in this entrepreneurial world with content marketing. I have shown you one of these tools…

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eliminate entrepreneurial expenses

Easiest Way To Eliminate Entrepreneurial Expenses

Eliminate entrepreneurial expenses as easily as possible. Another strategy for eliminating expenses is planning ahead to decrease the amount of taxes you give up to Uncle Sam! Knowledge is key here. Lucky for me I had a business before and was instructed on what paperwork and information to save and what I can write off…

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optimize graphics

Optimizing Graphics In Facebook

  Optimizing graphics is a key to branding yourself properly. Today I want to talk to you about optimizing your Facebook posts. What I mean is when you’re posting onto your social media to obviously get people to check it out, click on the link and absorb your content, you want to make sure the…

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starting a sales funnel

Step ONE when starting a sales funnel

Starting a sales funnel begins with a plan. Before you start creating any sales funnel strategies you first need to have your product ladder set up. You need a foundation, the bones and structure to work off of first. What do I mean by that? Well you need a logical path of products or services…

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Emily Letran

Commit To Embracing Your Big Life

Emily Letran on High Performance Summary: Emily Letran is a general dentist and owns two multi-specialty group practices in Southern California. She is the author of several books including Refugee to Renaissance Woman where she shares her story of coming to the US as a refugee. Her new book is titled Commit to Embracing Your…

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