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TubeBuddy Checklist Feature

TubeBuddy Checklist Feature

  TubeBuddy checklist feature is the best place to start using TubeBuddy. It ensures you create the most compelling title, tags, and descriptions to attain the analytics you need to improve your click-ability. Learn from this video and subsequent videos right here. Don’t forget you can get more videos HERE OR SUBSCRIBE TO MY…

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instagram posts

Building Your Business Using Instagram

Instagram posts shouldn’t leave you squirming. While most businesses have moved into the world of social media for marketing and brand awareness, this has largely been through the use of platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. One of the most under-utilized social media platforms for any small business is Instagram. This is an ideal…

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Lose the Cape Podcast

Take Away: Be someone who finishes instead of someone who multitasks.   Lyndsay Phillips had an opportunity to be guest starred on Lose the Cape with Alexa Bigwarfe. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN In this episode, we talked about: Different types of Virtual Assistants Feeling overwhelmed as an entrepreneur and analysis paralysis. Having so many business ideas. Prioritizing and delegating…

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Kyle Martin

Podcasting and PodHero with Kyle Martin

Summary: Kyle Martin is the creator of PodHero. After discovering the world of podcasting Kyle’s life changed. He learned about a number of pain points that podcasters and storytellers experience and that inspired the creation of PodHero. PodHero is a swiss army knife of marketing tools geared towards podcasters that help them build their audience…

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Michelle Shaeffer

Blogging And Marketing With The Best

Summary: Michelle Shaeffer’s entrepreneurial journey began early in life with experiments in sales from Girl Scout cookies and 4H fundraisers to creating websites for her parents’ friends. It nearly came to a tragic end when she discovered her 6th grade teachers really didn’t like her idea of selling super-tactical test taking strategies and coaching services…

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Content Marketing

School for Startups Radio – Guest Starred

Take Away: Growing with CONTENT MARKETING How to grow your business with content marketing using Smooth Sailing Business Growth Services Lyndsay Phillips had to opportunity to be guest starred on School for Startups Radio with James Beach.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Lyndsay Phillips is CEO and Captain of Smooth Sailing Business Growth – a…

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The Big Picture On Branding For Business

Business branding is more than just a logo. Get your brand out there so people remember YOU by sending a clear focused message.

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Simon Payne

Convert Player and Video Marketing

Summary: Simon Payne is the founder of LeadPages and Convert Player. LeadPages went from just two other founders and himself to 160 employees worldwide, with over $38 million in venture capital raised and over 50000 active customers. Simon has left the company and is now challenging himself with his second venture. Main Questions Asked: What…

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prospects next steps

Being Clear About Your Prospects ‘Next Step’

Prospects next step includes consistency. We seem to always want to know what is next? What’s happening tomorrow? What am I expected to do after a certain project? What is the natural next step for me to take after I buy X, Y, Z? Our prospects and our leads in our e-mails also need to…

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boost facebook post

How To Boost A Facebook Post For More Engagement Or Grow Your List

Learning how to boost a Facebook post could also boost your business. More and more small businesses are taking advantage of social media sites, particularly Facebook, to reach out directly to their target audience. However, as anyone that uses the social media platform knows, it is easy for a post to rapidly slip down a…

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